Why halt a classic car event and not a BLM rally?

Published: 9/21/2020 10:19:04 AM

I read with interest in Sept. 7’s newspaper of a protest about the Kenosha incident of a Black man being shot while resisting arrest. This protest went from Sheldon Field and ended up at the Northampton Police Department. It noted a crowd of hundreds attended.

I usually attend an eat outside gathering Thursday nights at the Florence Elks Club. We bring our classic cars to look at and enjoy while eating our food and listening to our oldies music. It lasts through the supper hour and people leave by 7:30 or so. Social distancing is observed and masks are worn.

Last week we were shut down and told to leave by Northampton police because there were too many people there. There was far less than 100 people attending. I’ve learned later that it wouldn’t be allowed to be held for the rest of the year.

This surely reeks of the double standard crap that’s currently running rampant throughout the country. You’re allowed to protest, riot and loot, but the police shut down a peaceful gathering attended by the grey-haired generation because there was too many of us in one place.

If we were waving BLM signs probably nothing would be said. I’m sick and tired of how this works. I’m sure the NPD has better things to do than running off a bunch of “Golden Agers.” Some do-gooder probably complained.

This is ridiculous and Northampton, you should be ashamed.

Alan Loncto


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