One of the best ways to promote vehicle inspections is by looking at some examples where they haven’t happened. Where things haven’t quite gone according to plan. There are of course good stories about sole vehicle purchases too, but when purchases do go bad in the car industry, they go really bad.

Here we’re looking at just one review found online about an online vehicle retailer. They deliver the vehicle upon purchase directly to the buyer, alongside a 3-month guarantee should any problems occur.

Despite this, however, they did go wrong never the less.

The vehicle in question in this story was a Volvo V40 model. It was bought from a popular online vehicle marketplace and delivery service. This kind of service is growing in popularity as life becomes more online. Sadly, it always leaves behind the fact that it is difficult to see the vehicle being purchased.

With this Volvo, all seemed well and the customer says for the initial weeks of the purchase, the car was as expected and they were happy with the purchase. When the car was put to more use in a road trip, however, problems arose.

Upon driving internationally and taking the car to Europe, problems begin to arise. The user writes that the Volvo’s clutch began to stick to the point of no return. When pressed, it wouldn’t return to its usable position and remind active, making gear changes extremely challenging.

When taken to a garage to fix the issue on the road trip, the user was told that there was actually an issue with an oil leak in the engine that was causing the issue in the first place. That is not a great start in itself. On top of this, however, the master clutch cylinder also needed to be replaced. That quickly becomes an expensive job.

What makes this even more of a problem, however, is that even after this initial work, the car then had the same issue again. That is where things were made even worse than before, and the vehicle needed serious repair.

To rectify the problem and make sure the car is back to normal, the car was taken to Volvo themselves to do the repair in London. This is where the buyer was told the worst news in the situation. The car needed an entire clutch replacement, as well as other engine repairs in order to make it completely restored.

It was at this point that the buyer attempted to utilise the warranty that came alongside the purchase of the car. This is always the first port of call to utilise your rights when buying a used car, but depending on the warranty you have, this might not always pay off.

In this case, it didn’t. The user writes that the warranty provider refused the bill to rectify the repairs. Instead, they only offered partial repair only. That meant that the buyer was left with a huge bill for what they say are thousands of pounds. They are going to have to find a way to finance this on top of the original purpose.

How an Inspection Would Have Helped

Buying online is always going to be risky business. You’re practically forced to have faith in the company that you are using to purchase the vehicle. You rely on them entirely to not only do what they say but also provide assurance after the purchase as well. With so many in the auto industry, that just isn’t the case, and taking your own stand is often the only way to truly protect yourself.

Independent vehicle inspections from services like CarExamer are here to change that entirely. With such a high-risk purchase through not being able to see the vehicle (even with the seller staging a 150 point check takes place on every vehicle), our higher value packages can offer peace of mind like never before.

Checking up to a staggering 300+ points with road tests included, photographs of any and all issues and estimated costs of repairs both present and in the near future create the clearest picture possible without any doubt.

We go above and beyond to make car buying safer. If you’re looking for help, contact us today and see what we have to offer you. We have packages covering all kinds of details, and we’ll always provide you with the best advice.

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