Tips for safe driving in a school zone

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a sign on a pole: Drivers need to be extra cautious with more kids studying at home this year.

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Drivers need to be extra cautious with more kids studying at home this year.

School is back in session for kids across the Sioux Falls area. In the wake of the coronavirus, plenty of parents are choosing alternative modes of transportation over school buses to get kids into classrooms, making for abnormally busy school zones.

Because students are walking or biking or riding with guardians instead of riding the bus, it is important to remember safety guidelines in school zones. Speed limits in school zones are 15 mph, and pedestrians have the right of way on crosswalks. Make sure you are not distracted by anything while driving, especially a cell phone when dropping off or picking up kids. Staying distraction-free is critical, especially during the warm weather when more kids are biking or walking to school.

Even though fewer students use school buses, there are still plenty of them making routes, so remember to stop when the arm of the bus is extended and stay 15 feet back. Do not attempt to pass a stopped school bus, as kids could be getting off the bus. According to AAA, 69 accidents occurred last year in South Dakota involving a school bus, so use extra caution around them.

For the safety of everyone, remember to give you and your kids plenty of time in your morning routine, so no one is rushing when dropping off in a school zone.

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