Tips for protecting your car, home from flood damage

Torri Donley

With widespread rain comes the potential of flooding, resulting in damage to your home and vehicle.

With severe weather comes the potential for flooding, roof damage and heavy winds. Unfortunately, once the damage is done, it’s hard to recover.

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Instead of shelling out cash to repair, here’s how you can protect yourself and your possessions before the damage. 

Two of the most common claims for auto insurance is weather and windshield damage. If you can avoid it, park your car on high ground to prevent water damage in your car. Also, steer clear of parking your vehicle near trees, with strong rain chances over the next few days, trees are more likely to fall which puts your car at a higher risk for damage. 

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Make sure there are no loose ends inside your vehicle. Seal everything. Make sure glove boxes are locked, windows are rolled up and sunroofs are closed. If not, expect water damage and mildew if it floods. 

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East Texas is home of the piney woods and tall timbers. With high rain chances come wind damage chances. Cut down tall trees surrounding your home that could possibly fall on your home. 

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Clean and shift your gutters to prevent clogging which could lead to water damage on the roof. Adjust your gutters to shift down for proper water drainage.

As soon as possible, survey your roof. Inspect for current damages and make repairs immediately.  

Remember, prepping now can protect your pockets and your life.

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